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Caesars is a world class international hospitality group, with over 100 million annual guest visits.

Caesars operates in an intensely competitive market, and remaining an industry leader in customer centricity and satisfaction remains key to the revenue-growth of the business. Caesars’s executive leadership understood that conversations where callers make a positive connection increase agent and customer satisfaction and generate higher levels of sales and conversion rates, improving contact center performance as a result.

As discussions began, Caesars’s internal performance and analytics team were impressed by the precise measurability and transparency around the impact of Afiniti’s solution. Given the nature of their business and use of mathematics and probability to drive gaming profits, their Advanced Analytics and Data Science team immediately understood the value Afiniti could add to their business. In the words of the Head of Las Vegas Reservations

“You don’t have to convince us on the impact of a slight statistical advantage.”

Soon after, Afiniti contracted with Caesars on a pay for performance basis.

AVAYA & ININ Integration

16 Week Deployment

900 Agents Live

5 Sites


Afiniti’s Assignment

In 2011, Afiniti partnered with Caesars to use behavioral pairing technology to improve their contact center performance.

Caesars was seeking to optimize sales as part of their strategic plan to improve revenues. Afiniti was initially deployed across 130 representatives focused on general reservations, replacing Caesars’s call flow model with Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing to intelligently match over 750,000 calls annually. This was accomplished without impact to Caesars’s contact center operations or changes to their service level agreements.

The design and implementation were also completed seamlessly with no impact to existing telephony infrastructure and processes. Caesars did not bear any upfront investment costs and assumed no commercial risk, as Afiniti agreed to be fully compensated for its services on a pay-for-performance basis.

Ongoing Relationship

In 2014, Caesars chose to quickly expand Afiniti’s behavioral pairing solution to include an additional 180 agents following the success of the initial deployment.

As part of the expansion effort, Afiniti conducted workshops in which management from Caesars’s cross-functional teams, including sales, analytics, contact center operations, and technology, dedicated their time to understanding the fundamentals of Afiniti’s design, approach, and benefits. During these sessions, Afiniti proved its ability to deliver significant results under strict operational SLAs, validated by Caesars’s Advanced Analytics and Data Science team.

After jointly sizing the enterprise wide business case, Caesars and Afiniti agreed on a complete roll-out of the Afiniti solution. Afiniti expanded across another 600 agents and 4 global sites until completion of the enterprise wide roll out in 2017. More recently, Caesars and Afiniti explored further integrating the Afiniti solution into the core of the gaming business by customizing offline pairings between casino hosts and players in order to drive customer satisfaction and revenue growth across the Caesars enterprise.


Caesars and Afiniti have developed a close partnership for the past 8 years, which has led to Afiniti integrating into all of Caesars’s contact centers and expanding into other business areas as well.

On an operational level, the partnership between Afiniti and Caesars encompasses an ongoing dialogue on any changes in the contact center. Afiniti continually adjusts its Artificial Intelligence algorithms to ensure ongoing highest performance.

Afiniti’s results have exceeded expectations, increasing annual sales conversion by 5% and generating more than 15,000 incremental room reservations annually.

Afiniti is proud to have played a role in revolutionizing Caesars’s contact center environment and in transforming the customer experience, thus contributing to Caesars’ profitability and long-term success.