Make A Great Combination

SATMAP enhances contact center performance
by optimally pairing agent and caller personalities.

  • SATMAP Call Pairing is just like Fish and Water Jar Combination.
  • SATMAP Call pairing is just like Jar and its Lid Combination.
  • SATMAP Call Pairing is just like Milk and Cookies Combination.
  • SATMAP Call Pairing is just like Popcorn and Cinema Ticket Combination.
  • SATMAP Call Pairing is just like Kitten and Wool Ball Combination.
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SATMAP Increases Sales, Reduces Costs, Improves Customer Satisfaction and Enhances Customer Support.

SATMAP is the only contact center technology that optimizes call outcomes by pairing agents with callers based on personality.

SATMAP uses advanced artificial intelligence and pattern recognition technology to find patterns of success in large volumes of evolving contact center data. In real time, SATMAP communicates with existing telephony technology to assign callers to agents to increase the likelihood of successful call outcomes.

SATMAP measurably delivers higher quality interactions in the contact center: improved revenue and collections, enhanced customer experience, and lowered costs.

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    Agent personality attributes are gathered through a voluntary,
    browser-based 20-minute survey. Typically over 90% of agents participate.

    Each agent's personality is unique and made up of rich data.
    There are no personality "types".

    SATMAP Inc. gathers agent personality attributes.

    When a customer calls, publicly available demographic and psychographic data is pulled from commercial databases, social media catalogs and census archives. Each customer is a unique personality.

    SATMAP does not rely on proprietary data or sensitive customer information to pair calls.

    SATMAP Gathers Agents Personality Attributes.

    Each night SATMAP receives a client file that contains a detailed archive of the day's interactions and their outcomes.

    SATMAP examines this daily data feed and modifies and enhances its internal algorithms to take into account all new information available to optimally pair personalities.

    SATMAP Examines outcome of each and every Call.

    SATMAP looks at caller and available agent profiles and performs over a billion calculations to identify which personality combination will result in the highest probability of success.

    SATMAP makes this determination and assigns calls to agents within milliseconds.

    SATMAP pairs agents and callers for an effective outcome.

    SATMAP searches for complex patterns in data using its dynamic and adaptive artificial intelligence technology.

    As time passes, SATMAP gets smarter and more powerful with each caller-agent interaction.

    SATMAP Improves Callers and Agents Interaction.

    We partner with clients to provide SATMAP both on a licensed and on a pure benefit-share basis.

    In both cases, SATMAP requires no up-front capital investment. We take care of setup and deployment; you see the results.

    SATMAP offers zero risks and maximum results.


Returns on contact center technology investments have traditionally been problematic to measure. There are many factors that impact program results: economic environment, competitive landscape, agent quality, management performance. If performance improves after a new technology is introduced, was the improvement due to the technology or to other ambient factors?

SATMAP's impact is precisely measurable. In standard implementations, SATMAP is alternated on and off at fifteen minute intervals. This cycling allows contact center managers to measure the impact of SATMAP while it is running compared to when it is not. Managers know precisely the performance improvement that SATMAP delivers with confidence that no other factor is influencing the measurement.


A stable and motivated workforce helps drive contact center efficiency. SATMAP helps motivate and retain contact center agents by raising the quality of their interactions and enhancing their performance. Speed and accuracy drive cost savings while enhanced satisfaction contributes to a stable and profitable customer base.

Complete Cycle

SATMAP raises agent performance by pairing callers and agents
Better call outcomes increase agent satisfaction
As satisfaction increases, agent retention improves
SATMAP improves quality of connections as more data is gathered


Recruiting and onboarding costs are reduced
Management focus increases
Higher productivity from tenured agents

SATMAP understands rapport mathematically;
call center representatives understand rapport intuitively.

Here’s what real call center agents on the front line have to say about how SATMAP delivers a better connection with every call.



Over the past decade contact centers have deployed a multitude of new technologies. Tightly integrated with most incumbent technologies, SATMAP raises contact center performance without changing existing infrastructure or operational processes. SATMAP extends the reach of these technologies by providing an additional layer of personality-based call matching intelligence.

SATMAP Integrates with most incumbent technologies to raise performance.



Contact Center Outsourcers

SATMAP integrates seamlessly into all communication environments including industry-leading PBX systems and telephony infrastructures, and acts as an upgrade to existing communications suites.

Enterprise Telephony Providers

A stable and motivated workforce helps drive contact center efficiency. SATMAP helps motivate and retain contact center agents by raising the quality of their interactions and enhancing their performance. Speed and accuracy drive cost savings while enhanced satisfaction contributes to a stable and profitable customer base.

With SATMAP, enterprise telephony providers not only become more tightly integrated with their existing customers, but our available revenue-share programs make SATMAP deployment a cost-effective product upgrade.

Value Added Resellers

Qualified organizations are eligible to become part of our worldwide value added reseller program. SATMAP is fast becoming a standard feature in high-performance contact center suites. Our technology offers an opportunity for technology solution resellers to enhance their competitive service offering and introduce a new revenue opportunity for existing customers.

System Integrators

With over one million interactions handled every day, SATMAP personality matching technology is a standard technology upgrade in leading contact centers. Systems integrators can introduce a brand new revenue generating opportunity to their contact center partners with little to no change in their technology infrastructure.

We work with our partners to provide comprehensive technical support and keep them abreast of the latest developments in the contact center industry so that they can maintain a competitive edge in their service offerings.

Technology Advisors

SATMAP was founded in 2007 with the primary objective of developing a transformative technology to improve contact center performance. Today SATMAP holds multiple patents and IP claims around neural network call mapping and personality-based call pairing.

We offer customized training programs across North America, Europe and Asia for technology advisors who want to understand and stay up to date with the latest innovations in the contact center industry.


Create a competitive advantage by combining your product and industry expertise with SATMAP's personality mapping technology for contact centers.


COPC Publishes Industry Insights Article on SATMAP August 2014

WASHINGTON, Aug. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - SATMAP Inc., the world leader in real time analytics-assisted personality matching for contact centers today announced an executive appointment that will strengthen the company's capabilities in financial services.

David E. Kroner was appointed Managing Director, Financial Services, bringing extensive experience in delivering world-class customer satisfaction, innovative products and deep partner relationships that drive financial services business growth. In more than 15 years at American Express, David built numerous successful new products and marketing programs through insightful research, targeting, data analysis and optimization. In joining SATMAP, David said, "I'm thrilled about deepening the presence of SATMAP's cutting-edge capabilities in the financial services industry. Companies must compete on the basis of customer satisfaction. SATMAP's personality-matching artificial intelligence significantly upgrades customer experience while also driving core financial results. SATMAP is a 'must-have' for the next generation financial services company".

"David has the necessary leadership experience and strategic understanding of financial services operations that will deepen our transformational capabilities in this sector," said Zia Chishti, President and CEO, SATMAP Inc. "I have great confidence that David will further develop SATMAP`s history of creating successful partnership solutions to deliver immediate returns and build long term value for our clients and shareholders".

Before joining SATMAP, David served as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Proprietary Card Product Management, American Express Company where he oversaw their flagship U.S. consumer charge and credit card products, delivering record customer satisfaction scores and increased profitability. David earlier spent three years as the General Manager, Card Services & Insurance where he led digital and traditional marketing, product management and development as well as the operations of Amex Assurance Company. Previous to that position, David led American Express's rewards and co-brand business development team where he earned four patents pending for rewards program innovations and established co-brand partnerships with many well-known financial services brands. Prior to American Express, David worked at JPMorgan Chase & Company. David is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and holds a MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

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COPC Publishes Industry Insights Article on SATMAP July 2014

In the July 2014 COPC Newsletter, Kathleen Jezierski, COO, says, “[SATMAP] is a very interesting, evolving and innovative approach to call routing that matches customer and contact center agent personalities to optimize the customer experience. This new technology turns our assumption that all agents on a particular program need to possess the same qualities on its ear.” Download Article

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SATMAP Sponsors Call Center Week May 2014

SATMAP Inc.™ is pleased to be a sponsor of Call Center Week, June 9-13, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 1500 customer-centric executives will have the opportunity to network, see the expo, and hear about the SATMAP story. If you’re headed to one of the many workshops, site tours, panel discussions or demos, why not meet up with us and make a great connection? Contact for more information.

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News Release: SATMAP Issues New White Paper April 2014

SATMAP Inc.™, the world's only real time personality matching technology for contact centers, today released its white paper: 'Personality Matching and Analytics Assisted Call Pairing for Contact Centers'. The paper addresses how SATMAP uses psychographic and demographic data to pair callers to agents based on an optimal personality fit assessment. These optimized caller and agent pairings drive better customer rapport and meaningfully improve call outcomes. SATMAP's unique 'big data' solution can be used to accomplish core call center goals such as reduced costs, increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Read the complete News Release here:

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SATMAP Expands Connections for Leading Satellite TV Provider April 2014

One of the world’s biggest satellite television providers is expanding its use of SATMAP’s intelligent data analytics and pattern recognition technology in its American call centers.

SATMAP first began this deployment in January of 2013, seamlessly optimizing caller and agent pairings in real time for 300 agents in the customer retention teams. One year later, the client has requested SATMAP expand to an additional 400 agents in its U.S. operations. With almost 20 million customers in the U.S., this client is one of the world’s leading providers of digital television entertainment services delivering a premium video experience through state of the art technology, programming and industry-leading customer service. This new expansion will continue to focus SATMAP on optimizing the customer-agent interactions in support of the company’s retention objectives.

Using the power of personality, SATMAP pairs customers with agents most likely to resolve their call, enabling agents to better connect with their customers and leading enterprises to meaningfully improve call outcomes.

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Need a refresher? So did we! August 2013

After five years, over 450 million customer interactions, and clients on 6 continents, it was time to freshen up.

SATMAP, the only personality matching technology to enhance business performance in contact centers, has a new look but our personality hasn't changed. Like our technology, our commitment to enhancing interactions and our clients’ business performance is only getting better.

Where have we been?

SATMAP has delivered results in more than 60 contact centers for clients like Sprint, Barclays, Dell, & Caesars. We've partnered with 14 different BPOs from Atelka to Zedd. And, along the way, with the help of our clients and partners, we received the 2012 American Express Technology Innovation Award and Cisco Silver Partner Certification.

Where are we going?

Full speed ahead. As SATMAP grows, we will continue to help your business reach target metrics: increased revenues and collections, reduced costs, and enhanced customer experiences. As always, our patented performance benchmarking process lets you know exactly how—together—we deliver the right results.

Contact us to find out how we can enhance your contact center estate.

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A Fun Way to Understand the Adaptive Artificial
Intelligence Technology Behind SATMAP

This rock-paper-scissors game illustrates the basic principles of an adaptive artificial intelligence technology. Like SATMAP, the system learns to identify patterns of success to improve game outcome over time. show more »

In novice mode the computer is learning in real-time, while in expert mode the system pits you against over 200,000 rounds of previous experience, roughly the same number of calls that SATMAP uses to train its artificial intelligence algorithms.

A truly random game of rock-paper-scissors would result in a statistical tie with each player winning, tying and losing one-third of the time. However, people are not truly random and thus can be studied and analyzed. While this computer won't win all rounds, over time it can exploit a person's tendencies and patterns to gain an advantage over its opponent. In exactly the same way, SATMAP improves what has historically been a random process for agent and caller pairing.

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